Expertise in New Markets Tax Credits and Development Finance

Confluence Advisors, Inc. is an investment banking and management consulting firm that has combined investment banking and economic development professionals to provide innovative solutions to capitalize concepts and projects that are often overlooked by the investment community.   Recognized as a leader in obtaining New Markets Tax Credit allocations for its clients to support both for-profit and non-profit concerns, Confluence Advisors has the expertise and knowledge to enable clients to fill gaps in certain project finance budgets.  Specifically, our NMTC advisory services result in parties present in an NMTC transaction (the Project Sponsor, the Allocatee, the Tax Credit Investor, and the Leveraged Lender) reaching a workable structure and moving forward with that locked vision to a successful closing.  The principals of Confluence Advisors have completed  over $350 million of NMTC related financings.   Confluence Advisors has established itself as an organization with a strong track record and an ability to handle complex financial transactions supported by the NMTC.  Even if your project is not in the right census tract, we have closed NMTC transactions based on the Targeted Population criteria.  Call us today at 225-767-4837 and we will be happy to discuss your project.

NMTC Explained 

Let us help move your project to the next level today.

If you are presented with a gap in financing for your project, we may be able to help move it forward.  The lucrative Federal New Markets Tax Credit incentive can result in almost $1 million in free equity for every $5 million of project costs/allocation obtained.  If you project is in excess of $5 million call us today to see if your project qualifies.

Whether you need project financing, business financing, and/or experience in navigating the complexities of the  NMTC, and other state and federal incentives,  Confluence Advisors can provide you with the needed expertise.   In the present economic environment, many projects and expansions require incentives to meet target returns.   Call or e-mail us today and see how your financing needs can be addressed.